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Why invest

Hunting generates value through the manufacture of products, provision of related services and supply of rental equipment to the upstream energy sector enabling the extraction of oil and gas.

Investment case

Reliably produced energy is a corner stone of the modern world and Hunting is a key participant in this complex and diverse sector.

While the oil and gas industry is a highly cyclical industry, it touches every part of our lives from the clothes we wear to how we get to work. It is a sector that has a robust long term outlook, as it supports economic stability and growth across the world.

To deliver oil and gas responsibly, highly engineered equipment and robust services are needed. From a complex, onshore shale production well, to a deep-water, offshore exploration well, Hunting’s equipment is used to resolve many challenges within many different geologies to ensure the safe delivery of oil and gas to the end user.

Our technology offering ensures we maintain a leading market share in our key, chosen markets and often we protect this know-how through intellectual property.

Key stats

Our products are also applied to every part of the lifecycle of a wellbore, from the exploration phase and initial well construction, to completion and production, maintenance and well intervention and finally plug and abandonment, our portfolio supports all our customer needs.

Hunting’s facility footprint extends across 11 countries and four continents, with 29 manufacturing facilities and 14 distribution centres located in strategically important places, close to where our clients are developing new oil and gas resources.

Our business model is highly resilient, given the cyclical nature of the industry. All of our facilities have been configured to be cash positive on a one-shift manufacturing pattern, which allows the Group to navigate market shifts as the pricing of oil and gas moves.






    Manufacturing facilities


    Distribution centres

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Our business model

Hunting’s financial and operational resources enable us to leverage our core competencies in systems design and production, precision machining and quality print-part manufacturing. This allows us to add value for our stakeholders.

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Company history

Change is our travelling companion; we have demonstrated endless resilience and willingness to embrace new industrial and societal contexts.

Entrepreneurial spirit has been ever present during our history, from the founding by Charles Samuel Hunting right through to today, where we are continually driving new possibilities for oil and gas extraction.

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Board & governance

Our Group is managed and governed by a strong, experienced Board, who have many years’ experience within the oil and gas industry, with some of the worlds leading companies.

Hunting seek to nurture its workforce talent by offering competitive employment packages and by training. We seek to maintain a resilient business model, and operating environment, and constantly seek for ways to minimise our impact on the world. Efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are in place to ensure to responsibly for all our stakeholders.

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Latest corporate governance reports

Hunting PLC is committed to high standards of corporate governance, corporate responsibility and risk management in controlling the business.

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Committee reports

The Board has four main committees to which it delegates responsibility for the oversight and review of activities within its terms of reference. Find out more about their work in the reports.

Our sustainability framework

Our approach to sustainability can be illustrated through the following framework, which underpins our ambition to responsibly create long-term and sustainable value for all of our stakeholders.

In developing this framework, we considered the concerns and trends that shape our world, the business, social, environmental, regulatory and geopolitical imperatives affecting the Group, and the views and feedback of our key stakeholders.

ESG governance & reporting

Within the context of increasing ESG governance, our six key areas of focus are outlined here. As we progress our reporting journey, we will set and update our targets and KPIs for all these commitments, and will report them in more detail going forward.

  • Operating safely

  • Supporting and developing our people

  • Delivering innovative, high quality and reliable products

  • Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships

  • Supporting communities around us

  • Managing our environmental performance and mitigating our impacts

Sustainability at Hunting

Our commitment is reflected in our values, group policies and the relevant external principles and standards to which we adhere.