Still lake with smoking geothermal power plant in the background

Energy transition

The global energy sector is changing and needs to increase sustainable resources and low carbon technologies to ensure the long-term energy security of our planet.

Addressing today's challenges

As the energy market transitions from fossil fuel to lower carbon sources and engages in environmental challenges, Hunting is here to assist in the transition.

Hunting provides innovative solutions and technologies in support of Energy Transition projects globally.

We have the technology, manufacturing expertise, a dedicated and trusted team of engineers developing new improved technologies, which cover a wide spectrum of resource opportunities to support Energy Transition projects.

Micro water turbine in a river in asia

Energy for the future

We are no stranger to new energy sources, our entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record continually drives new possibilities for energy and beyond. Hunting have been actively engaging in geothermal operations, power generation and CO₂ reduction initiatives for over 20 years. Contact us and find out how we can assist you in any projects you may have.

Abstract rendering of rock and oil drops under water

Organic Oil Recovery

Helping oil producers achieve their decarbonisation targets by reducing water cut and lifting costs thereby dramatically reducing the upstream CO₂ intensity per barrel of oil produced.

Round TEK-HUB  logo on wall

Hunting’s TEK-HUB™

We actively work to identify ways to facilitate the diversification of Hunting’s revenues and reducing environmental impact.

Hunting’s TEK-HUB™ develops technological partnerships by advancing third-party products to market.

The team collaborates with external innovators and businesses who develop new and innovative technologies e.g., clean energy solutions, to help advance their technology, or product, to the marketplace through Hunting’s extensive business network.

Supporting geothermal projects around the world

  • render of a pipe connection

    Proprietary Connection OCTG Casing & Tubing

    Bespoke Hunting technology solutions supporting geothermal projects around the world.

    Six water pipelines coming down a hill into a forested valley