Blue metal frame with silver metal pipes and tubes on the inside

Large Bore Sand Filter

Dual Pot Sand Filters are available in a broad range of sizes and configurations, up to 20,000psi WP

Product summary

Wellhead sand filtration is established as an industry standard technique for sand and solids removal upstream of the choke manifold during gas production, well testing, frac-flowback and well clean-up operations.

The Hunting Dual Pot Sand Filters are available in a broad range of sizes and configurations, up to 20,000psi WP, all of which are in service globally with major production testing companies.

The principle of sand filtering is well understood, with the minimum size of the separated sand particles determined by the slot size in the sand filter in each pot which are available in a range from 100 to 800 microns. Continuous operation is achieved by switching the flow between the two pots and draining the collected sand from the bottom of the pot that is isolated from the flow. The Type A Sand Filter is configured for the well to flow from the inside of the filter and the sand to collect therein. The sand can be removed with the filter or purged with water jets.

Optional equipment includes a sand flushing system using pressurized water injection through nozzles mounted on the pot vessel outside diameter and a sandbox for collection of the solids slurry exiting the 3” diameter drain valve.


  • 7-1/16” Bore, 10.000 psi rating

  • Separates sand and other solid particles from the well stream

  • Dual pot system with high pressure by-pass and dual isolation valves

  • Switching flow between pots for continuous sand removal

  • Also available as single pot version

  • Telescopic lifting support for convenient filter replacement

  • Hub Quick union or on pot vessels for rapid filter replacement & maintenance

  • Optional water jet sand flushing system

  • Optional full inconel 625 cladding

  • Optional hydraulic / electric actuated valves


  • Simple to operate

  • Eliminates erosion on choke manifold and downstream process equipment

  • Enables high rate well testing & production

  • Allows representative sand sampling and sand production rate estimation

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