Junk Basket / Gauge Ring sectioned view

Junk Basket / Gauge Ring

Maintaining a clear, clean path during running operations

Product summary

A wireline junk basket combined with a gauge ring performs two tasks in a quick single run.

Tools and completion equipment, that have an outer diameter close to the internal diameter of casing or tubing, require special attention to ensure a clear path for running operations. Small amounts of debris can cause catastrophic damage to equipment, or worse, getting the equipment stuck in hole resulting in costly and complex fishing operations.

A wireline junk basket combined with a gauge ring performs two tasks in a quick single run. As the junk basket runs in the well, debris is collected from the bottom opening and trapped inside the tool. The gauge ring helps to scrape off any debris (such as cement or scale) on casing or tubing walls ensuring a clear, clean path is maintained. When the tool is moving back up, the basket is sealed against the rod trapping debris. The gauge ring size is always selected to be slightly larger than the outer diameter of any equipment subsequently run in hole.

This tool combination is generally run with a gamma ray or casing collar locator to verify smooth tool movement and allow for depth control.


  • Remove debris from inside casing and tubing

  • Gauging the hole to ensure clear path for tools, perforating guns and completion equipment


  • Wireline operations are more time efficient than pipe conveyed junk baskets

  • Reduced rig time as only one trip required

  • Reduced operating costs by utilizing multiple sized interchangeable gauge rings on the same tool

  • Set screws offer added safety of no tool components being left in hole

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