Electrical Cable Head sectioned view

Electrical Cable Heads

Providing mechanical and electrical connections between the wireline cable and tool string.

Product summary

Cable heads play a vital role in all logging and perforating operations as they provide mechanical and electrical connections between the wireline cable and tool string.

A weak point inside the cable head bears the entire load of the tool string weight.

Titan cable heads are constructed of high quality, high strength (H2S resistant upon request) ensuring mechanical durability. The electric bulkhead protects the electrical connections from all types of corrosive wellbore fluids. Contact assemblies can be changed out for high power loads demanded by tractor operations. Cable mechanical integrity is guaranteed by the high quality weak point incorporated inside the head ensuring clean release of a stuck tools tring. Standard slickline fishing heads built into the Titan cable heads allow for quick and easy fishing operations. A four piece logging head can be ordered upon request that allows the attachment of standard weight bars into the logging head.


  • Cased hole wireline support

  • Perforating

  • Production logging

  • Wireline steering tool services


  • Compatible with all types of armored wireline cable

  • Built in weak point and standard fishing head

  • High current tractor conversion kits available

  • H2S resistant models available

  • Can be manufactured for 500°F (260°C) operations upon request

  • Customization available for specific requirements


  • Interchangable parts allow multiple uses with different types of cable

  • Reduced opearting costs

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